Bootcamp Program

Bootcamp, Masterclass Series, Weekend Challenges

Students will participate in the bootcamp and attend lectures, discussion sections, research workshops, and office hours. Additionally, they will be able to use the discussion board, research wikis, and post-SSI research tutorials. Students will also attend the Masterclass series and participate in weekend challenges.


Research Program

Bootcamp, Masterclass Series, Weekend Challenges, Mentored Project

In addition to the activities listed above in the bootcamp program, students will also be mentored through the completion of a research project in an area of interest. Please view the Mentored Project page for more information.


Financial Aid

The Summer STEM Institute (SSI) provides financial aid for families and students who cannot afford to pay full tuition. Cost is not intended to be a barrier to participate in the program. Students and families in need of financial assistance are encouraged to apply for financial aid.

Students interested in being considered for financial aid should first complete all required steps of our application process before submitting a request for financial aid. Then, within three days of submitting an application, students should send an email addressing the following to

• A typed statement from a parent or guardian explaining their financial situation and why you are applying for aid.
• The family's total gross yearly income across all sources.
• A copy of all parents' or guardians' most recent paycheck.
• A copy of all parents' or guardians' most recent bank and/or credit card statement (whichever account is used to pay monthly bills, utilities, etc.). All account numbers should be marked out.
For US applicants only: A copy of both parents' or guardians' most recently filed tax return. Social security numbers and Tax IDs should be marked out.