Unfortunately, due to uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and new variants, we are deeply disheartened to announce that the Summer STEM Institute (SSI) will be discontinued. SSI 2020 and SSI 2021 were both amazing programs, and our staff is very grateful to have been able to impact the lives of students around the world.

Distinguished Projects

Students in the SSI Research Program complete a research project through a rigorous, hands-on learning experience under the guidance of SSI research mentors. Students in the program work in a range of fields from computational biology to quantum physics. Below you can view the recently recognized distinguished project papers and presentations from the SSI Research Program.

SSI 2021 Distinguished Presentations

Below you can view the SSI 2021 Distinguished Presentations. To navigate between presentations, please click the left and right arrows on either side of the video.

Measuring the Predictability of the Shortest Vector Problem Using Linear Regression

Isha Agrawal

- 2021 Summer STEM Institute

Clustering of Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data via Latent Space and Classification of Cancerous Cells with Marker Gene Identification and Class Imbalance Downsampling

Minnie Liang

- 2021 Summer STEM Institute

Interpretable Automated Diagnosis of Retinal Disease using Deep OCT Analysis

Evan Wen

- 2021 Summer STEM Institute

Adapting Simulations for Ionization Cooling of Muons

Lila Jacks

- 2021 Summer STEM Institute

Crop Yield Prediction Using Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery and an Integrated Weather and Air Pollutant Data Layer

Karina Chung

- 2021 Summer STEM Institute

Analyzing the Feasibility of Regenerative Fuel Cells for Implementation in Atmospheric Electric Aircraft

Viresh Mittal

- 2021 Summer STEM Institute

The Application of Multi-task Learning in Drug Discovery to Identify PPAR Agonists for Treating Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders

Leeann Shu

- 2021 Summer STEM Institute

An Improved A* Search Algorithm for Road Networks Using New Heuristic Estimation

Kevin Chen

- 2021 Summer STEM Institute

Linear Function Approximation as a Computationally Efficient Method to Solve Classical Reinforcement Learning Challenges

Hari Srikanth

- 2021 Summer STEM Institute

Evaluating the Sustainability of Ethereum Scaling Mechanisms

Eliza Tabachnik

- 2021 Summer STEM Institute