Applications for the 2021 Summer STEM Institute (SSI) are now open.

Admissions Deadline

Application Deadline:

Latest Decision By:

Early Admission

January 15, 2021

February 28, 2021

Regular Admission

April 16, 2021

May 23, 2021

Admissions decisions are made in two cycles: early and regular. Students who choose to apply in the early cycle will be notified of their admissions decision earlier and will also be compared to a smaller applicant pool. Decisions are made on a rolling basis, meaning students will be notified of their admissions decision between the time they submit their application and the latest decision date for their respective cycle.

Selection Criteria

Students currently in high school or entering high school in fall 2021 are eligible to apply to SSI. Students who are currently in their senior year of high school may also apply. SSI seeks to admit students who demonstrate a strong passion for science and an eagerness to learn. Successful applicants typically have prior achievements in science, technology, or other academic fields. Many previously admitted students have also demonstrated a track record of completing independent projects, excelling in advanced coursework, or conducting research in a laboratory setting. Additionally, many previously admitted students have earned recognition in local, state, national, and international STEM competitions.

The program understands that not all students have equal access to opportunities in STEM. No programming or research experience is necessary to apply to SSI, and SSI puts particular emphasis on admitting students who demonstrate strong future potential in science and research.

International Students

SSI is proud to be an international program that provides learning opportunities to students across the world. Historically, roughly 20% of the student body has been international. In 2020, students from 78 countries applied to attend SSI, and 40 countries were represented over the summer.

How to Apply

To apply, students must fill out an application here. The application contains the following sections:

Background Information. Students provide basic personal and contact information.

School Information. Students provide information about their school and grade level.

Transcripts and Test Scores. Students provide their transcript and test scores from the PSAT, ACT, SAT, AP, and IB exams. No standardized tests are required to apply to SSI, and students who have taken standardized exams may choose which scores to report. Due to ongoing school closures and COVID-19, students who are unable to access their transcripts may specify so on the application.

Activities and Awards. Students list extracurricular activities they are involved with and prior awards/achievements. Students should emphasize any national or international awards they may have.

Personal Statements. Students respond to four short essay questions relating to their personal interests and reasons for wanting to participate in the program.