Unfortunately, due to uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and new variants, we are deeply disheartened to announce that the Summer STEM Institute (SSI) will be discontinued. SSI 2020 and SSI 2021 were both amazing programs, and our staff is very grateful to have been able to impact the lives of students around the world.


The Summer STEM Institute (SSI) was founded with the mission of making research and mentorship accessible to high school students. The program was initially started by a team of graduates, students, and educators from Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and other leading universities.

The program believes that conducting research in high school is an incredibly valuable and rewarding educational experience. By wrangling through unstructured and creative tasks in the scientific method and learning how to present and communicate findings, students develop invaluable technical and communication skills that will serve them throughout their careers in any field. It is no coincidence that those that excel in high school research go on to achieve much in college and beyond. The mission of SSI is to make this learning experience accessible to talented students around the world.

A founding belief of the program is that with modern technology tools, a virtual educational experience can not just match but rather exceed an in-person program in both quality and educational value. Every staff member of the program deeply values educating and mentoring students to reach their full potentials, and the program hopes to support students after the end of the program and throughout their careers.

Another core goal of SSI is to form a strong community and network of talented and hardworking students from around the world. Nothing makes staff members happier than hearing updates from students about initiatives they are working on with other students and how SSI has affected their life trajectories. You can read more about alumni experiences here.

Advisory Team

The Summer STEM Institute (SSI) would not be possible without the guidance and support from its advisory team. Please see below for a list of advisors for the program.

James Glimm

Distinguished Professor at Stony Brook University, Former President of the American Mathematical Society

Jonathan Katzman

Chief Product Officer at the Minerva Project

Barbara Pugliese

Chief Financial Officer at the Stanford Alumni Association

Chris Unger

Associate Teaching Professor in the Graduate Programs in Education at Northeastern University

Mike Town

Teacher Advisory Council Member for the National Academies of Science, Einstein Fellow

Richard Wiebe

Assistant Professor at the University of Washington
Civil & Environmental Engineering Department

Claire Shorall

CEO of TopKnot, Teach for America Computer Science and STEM Educator

Melissa Wrenchey

STEM Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, HP Teaching Fellow

Serdar Tumgoren

Lorry I. Lokey Visiting Professor in Data Journalism at Stanford University

Gador Canton

Research Scientist at the University of Washington

Meg Town

Researcher at the Institute for Systems Biology, Science Educator

Lisa Solomon

Educator at the Stanford d.school, Bestselling Author of Moments of Impact

Mike Mansbach

Founder of Granite Stairway Advisors, Parent of SSI Alumni

Jennifer Mansbach

Business Consultant, Parent of SSI Alumni

David Hinden

Surgeon at the V.A. Medical Center, Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellow

Leland Lim

Clinical Associate Professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine, Parent of SSI Alumni