Applications for the 2022 Summer STEM Institute are now open. Students can apply through the following application.

Summer STEM Institute

A pre-collegiate virtual summer program for top international scientists and leaders

June 19th-August 1st, 2022


Making research and mentorship accessible to high school students.

The Summer STEM Institute (SSI) is a six week virtual summer program from June 19 to August 1, 2022. SSI is an international program that provides academically talented and highly motivated students the opportunity to learn through a data science and research bootcamp, a Masterclass lecture series, weekend challenges, and a mentored research project.

Bootcamp: learn how to design and conduct a data science research project.

Pursuing research in high school is difficult. Many students are scientifically curious and are eager to conduct research but often lack the right training to do so. The SSI Bootcamp empowers motivated high school students with the training to conduct data science research projects.

Learn more about the bootcamp and view a full list of instructors here.

Dhruvik Parikh

Stanford University

Top 3 in nation,
International Science & Engineering Fair ($50,000 scholarship)

Amy Jin

Harvard University

Davidson Fellow ($50,000 scholarship), Presenter at the IEEE conference, Best Paper Award at NeurIPS Workshop

Erich Liang

U.C. Berkeley

PhD Student at U.C. Berkeley,
Published research in IEEE and presented at CSCI

Anne Lee

Stanford University

Top 5 Paper and Top 5 Presentation, Research Science Institute (RSI) 

Masterclass Series: learn from the experiences of top students and graduates.

The Masterclass series connects students to the advice and mentorship of accomplished young adults across the world, including Forbes 30 Under 30 inductees, International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and Science Talent Search (STS) grand prize winners, and founders and CEOs at companies and nonprofits.

Learn more about the Masterclass series and view a full list of speakers here.

Amol Punjabi

Harvard University

1st Place in nation, Science Talent Search ($150,000 scholarship)

Jenny Xu


Forbes 30 Under 30, Gaming Category

Allen Huang


United States Representative, International Biology Olympiad (top 4 in nation) 

Erin Smith

Stanford University

Thiel Fellow ($100,000 grant), 2019 Wired Health Startup of the Year

Weekend Challenges: compete in company-sponsored challenges.

Over the weekends, students can participate in company-sponsored challenges designed to help develop career skills in areas including networking, finance, and design. Challenges are centered around a problem companies have faced in the past, and students are tasked with developing a solution to the challenge.

Learn more about the weekend challenges and view a full list of company sponsors here.

Crown Education Challenge

International K-12 Contest in the Arts, Humanities, and STEM

Harvard Technology Review

Publication on the intersection of technology and society at Harvard


MIT Financial Exchange Startup, Y Combinator Winter '19

Develop For Good

Social impact organization connecting designers and engineers to nonprofits

Mentored Project: conduct research under the guidance of a mentor.

Over the summer, students in the SSI Research Program complete their own research project under the guidance of research mentors. SSI research mentors have a variety of different research specialties, and students are matched to mentors based on their areas of scientific interest and curiosity.

Learn more about the research program and view a full list of mentors here.

Dhamanpreet Kaur


First author of papers published in Cancer and the International Journal of Medical Informatics

Matthew Tan

Stanford University

NASA Special Award Recipient at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)

Gheric Speiginer

Georgia Institute of Technology

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, Virtual Reality Researcher

Abhijit Mudigonda


Silver Medalist, International Biology Olympiad (top 30 internationally)